Ice Creams

The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and people across the country are rushing out to refresh themselves with the tastiest of summer snacks - the ice cream. As the ice cream moves slowly towards your mouth you start salivating in anticipation; and just as your tongue comes out to greet it, *plop*, it falls to the floor, instantly melting into the pavement.


But all is not lost, as you remember that this ice cream was not edible anyway...


As featured in Bricks Culture magazine and seen on the Channel 4 documentary The Secret World of Lego.




Little Big Art | pop art with a playful twist

Disrupting the art world by throwing loads of LEGO at it. Little Big Art takes iconography from the world famous toy company and turn it into fine art, or just art, you decide if it’s fine. Little Big Art have exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, MOMA Wales, castles and UNESCO World Heritage sites, but can normally be found drinking coffee in a Cardiff café.

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